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  • June 24, 2020

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So the price can vary a little on this product, because sometimes there are promotional deals on both sites like Amazon, and then also on the official vendors own site. We recommend you check both of the listings below to see which one is currently offering the best deal on the Mark 2 (the offers will open in a separate new browser tab):

Zero Breeze Mark 2 on Amazon

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Now… Onto our review of this portable AC:

Introducing the Zero Breeze Mark 2

In this Zero Breeze Mark 2 Review, we’ll be delving into exactly how this new portable AC has changed the nature of portable cooling.

The world’s first battery-powered AC, the Zero Breeze, just got an upgrade. The second generation, the Zero Breeze Mark 2, is more effective, looks smarter, and has been produced in collaboration with one of the largest AC manufacturers in the world to improve quality assurance problems, representing a serious upgrade.

The original Zero Breeze looked cool, with bold colours that really made it stand out. The new, smooth silver appearance and a design evocative of a Mercedes E brings the new look bang up to date; it’ll fit in easily in most surroundings.

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 is a tremendously portable, battery-powered air conditioning solution designed for whenever you’re on-the-go. Its interchangeable batteries are good for around five hours, ready to keep you cool and work as a dehumidifier, too.

Thanks to the cordless design, Zero Breeze Mark 2 is the perfect on-the-go air conditioning choice. It employs a cutting-edge battery for longer use. Once fully charged, it’ll keep you cool for up to five hours.

One reviewer wrote “I’d always wanted a portable air conditioner that was quiet and easy to use. Most portable air conditioners are either water-cooled – like Evapolar – or nothing more than a simple fan.

“Then, I found across Zero Breeze Mark 2. I’m confident it’s the most effective and best designed portable air cooler you can find. It’s being funded on Indiegogo and the portable AC has received a rapturous reception from its backers.

“Check out their Facebook page for some real customer feedback.”

The Hype

The Zero Breeze portable air conditioner has received a great deal of hype on social media. With all the buzz, you’re probably asking should you buy the Zero Breeze portable air conditioner?

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 is a wireless portable air conditioner which began life after many design experiments and style optimizations. When you first see the Zero Breeze for sure there’ll be some curiosity sparked.

The Zero Breeze has gone through substantial enhancements from the iteration in 2016. The present Zero Breeze Mark 2 comes with a compact high-efficiency fan system.

The Zero Breeze portable air conditioner provides a cooling effect in less than 10 minutes, with the battery lasting up to 5 hours. Your options after that are to have a back up battery or to plug the unit in to a power supply.

The battery in the Zero Breeze can be re-charged from cars, truck, or solar panels, allowing you to bring it with you anywhere you go. The Zero breeze has a patented compressor that can decrease the ambient temperature by 30°F/ 16.7 °C and can also act as a dehumidifier.

The Improvements

The first thing you’ll notice that’s different between the Mark 1 and Mark 2 is the power. While the Mark 1 has only 1100 BTU, the Mark 2 comes in at 2300 BTUs. With that power, difference the room size they will cool changes, too. Thee Mark 1 ideally works within a room 47.2″ x 78.7″ x 41.3″, whilst the Mark 2 can go up to 70.9″ x 82.7″ x 40.9″ – the difference is between a two- or three-man tent.

The Mark 1 vents heat through a single hose system, meanwhile the Mark 2 has upgraded to dual-hose ventilation. This means that the optimum temperature drop and the cooling time are optimised. The Mark 1 can drop the temperature as much as 18 degrees in 30 to 60 minutes, while the Mark 2 can drop the temp by 30 degrees in 10 to 30 minutes.

There are several smaller distinctions between these two Zero Breeze models, but the other significant distinction is the noise output. One of the biggest issues with the Mark 1 was the somewhat noisy 65 dB operation. The Mark 2 model produces just 52 dB. This is a considerable drop, and Zero Breeze users have noticed the difference.

Something else to note about the Mark 2 is that it doesn’t featured a Bluetooth speaker like its predecessor did. Some users actually see this as a perk because the speaker was responsible for draining the battery faster than normal. And of course, no Zero Breeze Mark 2 Review would be complete without the loved Pros Vs Cons!


The technology behind the Zero Breeze is innovative for sure. There are obvious improvements made to the most recent model. Here are some things that we like about the product:

  • More BTUs, or cooling power, than the Mark 1
  • Just 16.5 pounds with an easy carrying handle
  • Doubles as a dehumidifier
  • Can be used with smart battery by Zero Breeze or with an AC/DC adapter
  • Easy-to-clean filter and port to drain condensation
  • Quieter operation compared to the Mark 1
  • A range of fan speeds for optimum output
  • Easily switch modes depending on the conditions.
  • Strong mode uses more power to give you a blast of cool air when you need it
  • Sleep mode quietly manages the temperature level for longer, at a slightly higher temperature
  • The dehumidifier mode ensures you feeling cool and dry.


No portable AC is perfect, and the Zero Breeze is no exception. Although overall it’s a great unit, there are some drawbacks. Hare a couple of things you might want to be aware of:

  • The Zero Breeze smart battery doesn’t work with other 24V appliances
  • Ideally requires you to buy more than one battery
  • Optimum performance only in small spaces of approximately 50 square feet
  • Battery life just 5 hours with a 5-hour charging time.
  • The exhaust gets hot, so you need to make sure you can vent it properly to expel the hot air
  • Doesn’t have a reservoir for condensation
  • Must be placed near a window to vent heat and water
  • Shipping can take some time


Even though humans love the outdoors, we still enjoy our creature comforts. Thanks to technology and industrial innovators, it’s now possible to bring things like an AC unit along for the ride when you go camping or take a break from the city.

You’ll already know about the American obsession with air conditioning. According to the Residential Energy Intake Study, 87% of American homes have AC units installed, a major increase from the 68% in 1993.

Zero Breeze is a totally portable, battery-operated cooling system for times when you’re on the go. Its interchangeable batteries run for approximately 5 hours each to keep you cool, while also working as a dehumidifier.

Designed as a compact AC unit for camping, consumers are also finding the small, 12-pound unit perfect for dorm spaces, cabins, RV campers, inside your car, and more. You may even want to set it up right next to you the next time you hit the beach; it works as well outside as it does in. Is it worth the expense? Let’s take a look.

Sound Levels

Sound levels are measured in decibels, or dB. The Mark 2 discharges noise at about 52 dB, which is substantially quieter than the first model. To compare, 52 dB is around the same volume of noise from an electric fan or your fridge.

A lot of portable air conditioners fall somewhere between 50 and 60 dB, and the Mark 2 operates on the lower end of this range when on the lower settings. Even on the higher settings, it still performs in this range

Cooling Capacity

Zero Breeze Mark 2 air conditioner efficiency is measured in run on BTUs, or British Thermal Units. In general, the higher the BTU score, the more room volume the air conditioner can cool.

A lot of portable air conditioners run at 5000+ BTUs, so the Mark 2’s 2300 BTU ranking is considered on the lower end of cooling capabilities. Because of its relatively low BTU ranking, the Zero Breeze is ideal for compact spaces.

For use in a 3-man tent of 70.9 ″ x 82.7 ″ x 40.9 ″, or similar spaces, the Zero Breeze is perfect. You’ll get your ideal temperature in 10 to 30 minutes. It’ll function well in areas under 50 square feet, and is designed for 25 to 40 square feet spaces.

EER Levels

EER, or Energy Efficiency Rating, is a measurement of how much energy a system uses while operating. The higher the EER, the more efficient the device is. It’s easy to determine, just calculate the BTU/wattage. Because the BTU of the Zero Breeze is 2300, and has a cooling capacity of 650 watts, the system’s EER is 3.5.

This is a low rating in terms of EER rankings for AC systems. It’s very important to keep in mind that this is normal for portable cooling devices. Higher EER ratings are more typical for large, bulky systems that have higher cooling capacities.

Temperature and Room Volume

Unlike a lot of portable AC units, the Zero Breeze isn’t designed to cool a whole room to a set temperature. It’s made to cool the area right in front of the fan for more individual comfort.

The manufacturers say that the Zero Breeze achieves optimum operating performance between 82°F to 95°F and the ambient temperature can be 30°F lower than the surrounding air in 10 minutes. However, unlike other AC models, you won’t find a built-in thermostat that allows you to set or reach a specific temperature.

Extra Features

Among the coolest extra features of the Mark 2 is its infrared remote control, which lets you control the system’s settings without going over and pushing buttons on the control panel. It also includes an LED light and a USB-C charging port.


In addition to a 1-year service warranty, Zero Breeze has a 30-day money back guarantee. The company says, “if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your gear in the first 30 days you can return it without fuss.”

If you experience trouble within the initial year of owning your Zero Breeze, they’ll cover any problem that arises within normal use.


The 630Wh battery allows for up to five hours of operation, or up to eight hours using the sleep mode.

Integrated into the unit are 2 x USB type A ports, 1 x USB type C, and a 12v DC power input – charge your mobile phone and other devices wherever your unit is.

The rechargeable, 24V battery is what makes this the perfect portable cooling service. Simply make sure to pick the Mark 2 that includes the battery in the box.

To fully charge the battery takes five hours, and from that you’ll be able to get five hours of use. It’s definitely a good idea to get a second battery.

The batteries are bespoke; designed specifically for the Zero Breeze, so you can’t use any other battery units.

Outlet duct

Manoeuvrability and reach are improved on the Mark 2, with the outlet duct allowing for precision direction of the cool air that’s generated.

Remote control

With the Mark 2’s remote control, you can manage all the functions of the air conditioner without pressing buttons on the unit.


The Zero Breeze portable air conditioner has a 12-month service warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Customer engagement and user feedback has been consistently improving, with few negative online reviews – which were mainly related to shipment timelines rather than quality.

In terms of shipping, you’ll get your Zero Breeze delivered free of charge to any address in the United States and Canada.

The Zero Breeze runs of a rotary compressor, giving it a superior efficiency when cooling a room in comparison to similar systems.

Over $1.4million dollars was raised in seed funding for the Zero Breeze on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, allowing the system to finally be realized. Backers put their faith in the technology, and they were rewarded handsomely.



AC devices are becoming much more popular with campers; it’s ok to demand comfort too. The Zero Breeze Mark 2 is perfect for camping since it comes with its own power source. No one goes camping with the intention of being hot and sticky all night! The 24V battery is excellent for camping since you don’t need to be hooked up to a power source once it’s been charged up.

The only caveat is that you’ll need to attach your exhaust pipe so that it vents out of the tent. Without the outlet venting outside, you’ll be blowing even hotter air into your tent! What’s more, the condensation will have no place to go so the water will puddle in your tent.

One online review said, “When it comes to portable AC for camping, we recommend this Zero Breeze system. This model can be plugged into a standard outlet at your camping area and easily vented through your tent. In fact, many tents are now being made with an integrated vent for this specific function. The Zero Breeze runs on 2,300 BTUs and will keep an area cool up to 50 square feet.”


Staying in a rustic cabin? Take the AC adapter to connect the Zero Breeze to a standard outlet and keep cool and cosy.

The Mark 2 is designed to cool down up to 100 sq ft; it’ll keep your bedroom comfortable for sure.

For cabins with electrical power, it’s be best to use the AC adapter to plug in the Zero Breeze. The unit probably isn’t going to be big enough to get the whole cabin cooled.

At 2300 BTUs, the Zero Breeze is developed to cool roughly 30 -100 square feet of space, or a small bedroom. It may not cool the whole cabin, but it’ll be handy to have next to bed on a summer’s night. Keep the battery charging whilst you’re in the great outdoors so you can survive a power cut.

A reviewer wrote, “For small cabins with electrical hook-ups, an item like the Zero Breeze will work in a limited but effective capacity. Although suited to 50 square feet spaces, it can cope with up to 200 square feet and will assure you of a comfortable night’s sleep on a sticky night. It’s compact and light at 16.5 pounds and produces 2,300 BTUs, cooling smaller spaces within 10 to 30 minutes. The unit also works as a dehumidifier to alleviate you on clammy nights. Systems like these are quickly hooked-up and ventilated through a window and it’s very quiet, so you’ll likely forget it’s even there.”

Trucks and Cars

Keep yourself cool on the move with the Zero Breeze in your car or truck, with the option to power it from your onboard 24V battery.

Using the Zero Breeze in a car or truck for a short time on the battery can be a great solution. A lot of cars and trucks already come with an AC system for while the vehicle’s battery is running.

The Zero Breeze means you can still get AC in the carpool line, whilst eating lunch, or grabbing a quick nap in your car on your break. You shouldn’t be leaving your pets alone in cars due to the potential harm it could cause, so avoid using Zero Breeze with pets left unattended in cars.

In an online review, it was said, “A lot of cars and trucks are made with their own fans and AC units already, but often you might want to be in your car without the engine running. The Zero Breeze portable AC unit can help.

This small and powerful portable AC has got your back when you come back to your cars and truck after an afternoon parked in the sun. It’ll kick start the cooling process whilst your engine is getting going.

It can be charge from your vehicle power supply and is battery powered so you don’t drain the battery whilst parked up.”


The Zero Breeze can be used out in the open, at the lake or in the garden for example, although the cool air is going to escape quickly.

The Zero Breeze works effectively outdoors, too. Being battery powered, it can be quickly used anywhere – whether you’re at the beach or in your backyard. The performance will vary when you’re outdoors, as the system will have to work harder to cool the surrounding location and the cold air will quickly escape.

For best results, when using the Zero Breeze outdoors, we suggest being in a shaded spot.


Looking at the specifications; the air conditioner has a maximum cooling capacity of result of 30°F, or 17°C, which is fantastic. You’ll notice the cooling effect of the Zero Breeze 2 as little as 10 minutes after starting.

Since it’s battery powered, you can take it anywhere, even to a remote hill for camping. I live in Arizona and I think a device like this will be excellent to have at hand during outdoor activities. What’s more, the Mark 2 functions as a dehumidifier, which is super useful when it is humid outside.

Zero Breeze Mark 2 can run off of mains power and comes with a battery that’ll last for around 5 hours. However, if you’re wanting to use it through the night for a comfortable sleep, you might need to plug it in. No mains source and the battery is about to die? Your Mark 2 will work with most generators, such as the EB150.

In terms of sound, it’s said to be really quiet, much better than the previous model. Online reviews bear out the claim too.

Lots of AC units are water cooled, but not the Mark 2. It works by extracting cooler from the outside environment and eliminating the hotter air inside the space. To work properly, there’s a pipe attachment that you need to use.

When you’re an outdoor enthusiast but don’t want to deal with the hot and sticky weather that comes with the hobby, having a portable AC unit with you will be a game changer.


  • Weight: 16.5 pounds including battery
  • Cooling capability: 2300 BTUs
  • Power source: AC/DC power adapter or wise battery
  • Sound emission: 52 dB
  • Area coverage: 40 square feet, maximum 200 square feet
  • EER levels: ~ 3.5
  • Working temperature: Less than 104°F or 40°C

What’s in the Box

The Zero Breeze portable air conditioner system comes with a primary air conditioner, an exhaust pipe, a smart battery, a power adaptor, and an instruction manual. The Zero Breeze portable air conditioner wise battery doesn’t come as part of the standard product.

The battery in the Zero Breeze is big, offering five hours of run time with its high performance, 18650 capacity. You get a quick cooling effect; you’ll notice a difference within 10 minutes of turning it on. The dual hose system on the Mark 2 version has doubled the cooling capacity of the unit. In real measures, that means you get a BTU/h cooling performance increase of 40%.

To increase convenience, there is also a USB-C port to charge your phone or other devices. Other tech advances include a patented noise cancellation system meaning the Zero Breeze Mark 2 works below 50 dB.

How to Set Up

Users love that this cordless AC unit is very nearly ready to use straight out of the box.

Operating the Zero Breeze Mark 2 is as basic as pressing the power button and enjoying the cool breeze. Just like true AC systems, this device operates with a rotary compressor, which offers it a major advantage in cooling performance compared to other portable units on the market.

The majority of portable AC units use a more streamlined evaporation system, which is simply fans with ice or water to develop that cooling effect. The Mark 2’s approach is innovative, with its integrated micro compressor and dual pipe exhaust configuration. It has a cooling power of 2300 BTU and can get your space cool in just 10 minutes.

Thanks to the cordless battery-powered design, this is the ideal portable cooling option. Unlike the previous Mark 1 model that utilized a 12V battery, the Mark 2 has an updated 24V battery for more efficiency. Once the battery is fully charged over five hours, you’ll be able to remain cool for approximately five more hours.

The battery can be charged by car battery or even solar energy. It does require 5 complete hours of charging time, so you should consider purchasing an extra one – especially if you’re planning overnight camping journeys. Zero Breeze offers packages with only the AC unit, a unit plus one battery, the unit and two batteries, or a battery on its own.

One of the things customers love the most about the portable AC unit is how easy it is to use.

You only need to set up the vent pipe. This is going to expel the warm air and the water gathered by the cooler. It’s simple to do and will make your Zero Breeze work like a charm.

Prior to powering up Mark 2, Zero Breeze advises that you let the system sit upright for at least two hours. If it was shipped on its side, the refrigerant will require time to settle back in place.

For more information on how to set it up, simply follow the User Manual – it’s pretty uncomplicated and easy to follow.


How has the Zero Breeze been upgraded? The concept of the Zero Breeze is to cool a space. The news that the cooling power has been enhanced by more than 100% from 1,100 BTU to 2,300 BTU is terrific news. These improvements have been gained by including a revolutionary dual hose system, allowing the Zero Breeze Mark 2 to lower the ambient air temperature by 11°C in just 5 minutes. Coupled with the recently updated duct system which increases air flow by 53%, you getting cooler faster. Perfect.

Another improvement is the battery life. Zero Breeze state that each interchangeable battery can provide 5 hours of cooling. That’s the standard, but there have been noted differences. During battery testing, it lasted just a minute shy of 6 hours. The batteries also work as a power outlet for your phone or outdoor camping equipment, having 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port.

What was already an excellent item, has definitely been enhanced. This is the best solution to keeping one’s cool in your tent or RV as temperatures soar, and it currently has nearly 500 backers on Indiegogo.

  • The Zero Breeze Mark 2 is much more powerful than its predecessor. While the Mark 1 has just 1100 BTUs, the Mark 2 offers 2300 BTUs.
  • The Mark 1 vented heat through a single hose system, whereas the new model has evolved to use dual-hose venting.
  • The max temperature decrease and the time to cool are faster. The Mark 1 could lower temperatures by up to 18 degrees within an hour, while the Mark 2 will lower the temperature by 30 degrees in less than 30 minutes.
  • The noise produced by the Mark 1 wasn’t much loved by its users, producing 65 dB. The Mark 2’s volume comes in at only 52 dB. This represents a major reduction – those who have invested in the Mark 2 have noted the quiet with delight.

Most mobile AC units come in at 50-60 dB, with the Mark 2 running at the low end of the range.

All the extra benefits of the Mark 2 have been packed into a slightly larger housing. The portability and reliability are both as good as ever.


Taking all of the great benefits into account, we think that the Zero Breeze Mark 2 is a great advancement on the initial model. The expense is balanced out by its usefulness; you’ll be hard-pressed to discover a better mobile AC solution.

If cooling comfort is needed, this is a fantastic solution for outdoor camping, inside vehicles, in vacation cabins, or any other small living space. So thanks a lot for stopping by and checking out our Zero Breeze Mark 2 Review, and please check back again soon!

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